Targeted Foundational Nutrition at Trinity Health Center, LLC


It is understood that the nutritional protocol as suggested by this office is accepted by the patient with the understanding that the products given are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  It is also understood that the products may cause occasional discomfort and/or detoxification reactions, including but not limited to increased bowel activity, increased perspiration, skin eruptions, fatigue.  These are all indications that the body is detoxing and that the products are producing an intended cleansing effect.  If any symptoms become too uncomfortable, it is okay to stop the products for a short time and then resume at a lower dosage to lessen the detoxification effects.


Scientifically validated functional neurology muscle testing uses various types of challenges and stimuli to determine associated neutrality, resonance, or dissonance with the stimuli.  Products are recommended to our patients based on the functional neurology muscle testing exam results.  Muscle testing does not detect or diagnose any disease, and if desired the patient may elect to consult with their primary physician, and to seek further lab testing to assess their health condition if deemed necessary.  The muscle testing exam procedure takes time and requires careful preparation and is considered an elective consultation service which is not covered by insurance.  A receipt, which is non-billable to insurance, will be given to the patient which may be claimed as a medical expense on taxes (always check with an accountant for tax advice).


The fee for the initial consultation is $160 and takes approximately 25 minutes.  This fee does not include the cost of the supplements which are different for each patient depending on the findings.  Follow-up exams are $85 and are scheduled approximately every 30 days, the purpose of which is to continually monitor for the proper supplements to be taken for the next 30-day period.  It is impossible to determine how long it will take for a patient to reach their desired health care goals, and results cannot be guaranteed, however one must expect a minimum of a six month course of care in order to allow the protocols to have an effect on one’s health conditions.  The success of one’s outcome depends on following the recommendations given by the doctor and adhering to the treatment plan as laid out at each exam.  Please note that due to health and sanitation issues, products cannot be returned once they leave the office.


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