Please enjoy the testimonials from our patients, as they tell in their words about their experiences at our office.  All signed originals are in our office and can be read in their entirety.*


"I cannot say enough about how happy I am to have been led to this office.  I feel better than I have in a long time." -Erin Cosentino, Toms River

"My treatment at Trinity Health Center has helped me, my back condition is better and improving and my treatment helps me maintain my health.  I am very satisfied, its a professional, caring, tranquil office.  I plan to continue to use Trinity Health Center.  Thank-you!" - Melissa Briggs, Toms River

"All of my physical symptoms have gone away (neck and shoulder pain, numb fingers, MRI showed disc issues at C5-6).  I've also noticed an overall feeling of well-being.  The office gives a great message about all around health, physical, emotional, and mental well-being.  Thank-you for saving me from surgery!"     -Christine Cole, Bayville                           (Dr.'s note- Christine was advised that she would need neck surgery to remove the disc in her neck and replace it with an artificial one.  After a course of conservative chiropractic care, she was free of all symptoms and she determined that surgery was unnecessary.) 

"Since coming to Dr. Segreto, I have not had any sicknesses (i.e. colds, bronchitis, sinus infections, etc.) for over two years.  Prior to becoming a patient, I would get sick 4-5 times per year.  Also, my cholesterol went from 224 to 194 without changing my diet or exercise.  Thank-you for helping my body heal itself."                     -Lisa Rinaldo, Toms River

"I wanted to improve my posture and manage osteoporosis in a more natural way (without drugs).  I was also dealing with hot flashes and some anxiety.  I didn't sleep well due to the hot flashes and would often wake with pins and needles in my hands and arms.  I also felt anxious and "out of balance."  My husband became a patient, and after learning about the treatment and observing the remarkable improvement in my husband, I wanted to start treatment, too.    Now my posture has improved and I am sleeping so much better.  The hot flashes and pins & needles are gone!  More importantly, I feel healthier and happier and calmer.  The quality of my life is so much better now that I have become a patient of Dr. Segreto.  I have even changed my eating habits, eating healthy and organic foods.  I feel better physically and emotionally.  The N.E.T. treatments have been incredible!  I feel happier, calmer, and have a much more positive outlook on life.  If I did not receive care, I would have continued walking with slouched shoulders and my head down, probably doing more damage to my neck and spine, and I would still have hot flashes and trouble sleeping.  The care you receive from Dr. Segreto and the staff at Trinity Health Center will help you become healthy and stay healthy.  You can feel the positive energy when you walk in.  They really listen to and care about every patient."   - Linda Gaita, Brick


"We are writing this letter on Thanksgiving Eve to thank you for everything you have done for our family and in particular for our youngest, Emily. We have been patients for over five years and have always been grateful to you for helping us to be 'well-adjusted'. This letter, however, is about Emily who is now seventeen months old. At ten months of age, she was diagnosed with slight torticolis which in laymen's terms is a permanent stiff neck probably from before birth. It was effecting the shape of her head causing flatness on the side of her head that she slept on and delay in her gross motor development. The doctor recommended physical therapy but of course there was a long wait for an evaluation and another wait for therapy to start. They suggested that we do stretching exercises to Emily's neck. She screamed and cried when we tried to do these exercises. After I told you the story, you suggested that you take a look at her and the rest is history. To make a long story short, you adjusted her for a number of weeks and by the time she saw the physical therapist her neck was better with full range of motion. It remains so to this day. This was all done in a painless (for her parents too!) and pleasant manner. Emily has since caught up with her motor skills and is walking and talking. Emily enjoyed and still enjoys seeing Dr. Frank. Thanks again." -Jacqueline and Ronald Cialino, Toms River

Allergy relief: "Liver function is normal for the first time in 10 years." -Harold Wortham, Manchester

"The improvements are remarkable. My neck and back feel better, I'msleeping better, have more energy, and I can breathe without drugs. I have the energy to do the things I want to do." - Joe Amatulli, Brick

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NET: "Severe and constant debilitating migraines caused to me live in a 'cave'.  I couldn't do anything.  After treating with Dr. Segreto, I am pain free, with no headaches and I feel stronger than ever.  I'm living now.  If I had not received care from Dr. Segreto, I probably would have continued on medication that made me feel worse.  I was not receiving any relief from the "trial and error" approach of taking medication to alleviate my migraines.  Dr. Segreto not only assisted me in getting pain relief, but also made me totally free of any headaches or migraines.  I am very grateful."  - Charlene Cubbage, Montclair

"I had episodes of sudden, severe stomach pain that send me into the fetal position. After getting N.E.T., the problem is totally gone. The quality of my life is dramatically improved, no more fear of sudden pain. If I didn`t have N.E.T., I would probably have gotten surgery and/or drugs for the pain. I have so much faith in Trinity Health Center and their staff. I bring my children here for their health concerns. This is a place you can trust." -Karen English, Toms River

"In June, 2000 I had lower back surgery due to three herniated disks.Two months later I was diagnosed with two herniated disks in my neck. The painwas unbearable, especially in my shoulders. I tried prescription drugs, physicaltherapy, and traditional chiropractic, all with no relief. Finally, after 7months of excruciating pain and being at my wit's end, it was recommended that I try NET. Although I was apprehensive because I was unfamiliar with this type oftreatment, I was willing to try anything. After one visit to Dr. Segreto I felt immediate relief in my shoulders. It has been a life-altering experience and I am truly grateful for all the help I have received. I am so amazed, that I continue to receive treatments because I believe its ability to continue to make positive impacts on my health and life. - Jill Nagle, Sea Isle City

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"I feel much better.  I came here for my back pain and we have worked on many other problems.  My back pain is no longer overwhelming.  I'm more active overall.  I had been sitting out at dancing, now I don't miss a chance to dance.  Thank-you!"   Bonnie Ralli, Brick

"I have had foot, hip, and back pain for years, and recently my leg started to get numb and I had difficulty lifting it up.  My gait was off, my stance was crooked, and I was getting my work done slowly but surely.  After going to a chiropractor for several weeks without relief, a co-worker recommended Dr. Frank.  After treating with him, the numbness is gone and I am pain free (without pain medication).  I can again enjoy family and friends without feeling like a burden to them due to my inability to keep up the pace.  Dr. Frank has been my miracle worker.  I believe he can help with most problems if you give him a chance.  He is very straight-forward about your problem and the way he treats it."  -Carole Granato, Forked River

"I suffered from chronic neck pain and loss of mobility, frozen shoulder, and some lower back pain. I lived nearly every day with stiffness and pain in my neck. Even though I saw a `traditional` chiropractor every 10 days, I rarely felt well for more than one day following treatment. It`s now been about 16 months after my first treatments with Dr. Frank and I am down to one time every two weeks and I am completely pain-free during the time between visits! I have gained additional mobility in my neck and feel that the stress relief of living virtually pain-free has made all the difference in my life. If I had not come here, I fear that I would have ended up with some sort of surgery or an even more frequent requirement of treatments and continued chronic issues. I tell people all the time about Trinity Health Center and I try to explain the `unconventional` treaments of N.E.T. are so worth the attempt - at the very least! I tell them that I relate to what they feel and ultimately show them that I am a fantastic example of how successful the treatments are!! Thanks to all of you." -Karen Kachelriess, Manchester

"Before coming to Dr. Segreto, I had extremely bad headaches, as well as back and neck problems. I am a full time college student, and these problems lowered my grades, my energy dropped, I became depressed, and I had arguments with my boyfriend all the time. Basically, the pain was so bad that I only wanted to sleep. Everything in my life that was positive became negative. I started treatment with Dr. Segreto, receiving chiropractic care and Neuro Emotional Technique, and just after the first visit I felt better. I went from having one to three headaches a day to having none. I have been treating for only two months and have had only two headaches and they were very mild. I now only have very, very little pain and tension in my back and neck. I`m back to myself! I`m happy again, my relationship with my boyfriend is better, I have lots of energy and can finally be active again. If I had not received care here, I probably would have slipped into a deep depression, and would have watched my grades decline to nothing. All the treatments here are current, thorough, and the people are always pleasant and concerned about your well-being. You feel like a person, not just like another patient." - Angela Giovanni, Brick

" I had headaches every day for over ten years. I always had to be sure that I had some pain reliever with me at all times. It got to the point that as soon as I felt a headache coming on, I had to stop what I was doing and take something or else it became a migraine. Dr. Segreto came very highly recommended by my sister, who is a patient. I have had three headaches sine I started with Dr. Segreto which is a tremendous improvement from having headaches everyday!!! My life has changed for the better. I feel good every morning and look forward to a day free of head pain. For someone like me who suffered with that pain, it`s a wonderful feeling to be pain free!! If I had had not received care here, I guess I would have gone to another doctor who most likely would have prescribed some kind of drug. Trinity Health Center is a place where you can go to get help with aches and pains for which other doctors would place you on some kind of drugs. Doctors today seem to want to take the easy way out and give you a pill and make you and your pain go away. I wanted to try something other than drugs and I found that at Trinity Health Center. Dr. Segreto listens to you, asks questions and then helps you out." -Joyce Blair, Toms River

"Dr. Segreto is amazing, a gift to all who know him. He is always learning new things to help us have the kind of life we deserve. Go see him today. Thank-you Dr. Segreto for who you are and what you do." - Jill Salicos, Whiting

"I never, in my wildest dreams, would have expected the results I`ve experienced. I have more energy than I know what to do with, I feel great! It`s a very friendly atmosphere, I look forward to every visit to the office. I learn something new every time I come in. If someone wants the best that life has to offer, then they must seek Dr. Segreto`s wisdom. Thanks, Dr. Frank, for giving my life back." - Tobey Liljeros, Brick

"I fell and hurt my leg, neck, and lower back. It was hard to sit, walk, and move my neck all the way.  I`ve been coming here since I`m 16, I`m now 29, and I knew Dr. Frank would make me better again. I now walk better, my legs and neck don`t hurt.  I would like to say that coming here is healthier for your body. Getting adjusted is better than drugs that only coat the problem.  I trust Dr. Frank, because of him I`m healthier, wiser, and I`m not missing out on life." - Jessica Wainwright, Toms River

"I had leg pain while lying in bed, which resulted in sleepless nights and no energy during the day. My daughter recommended Trinity Health Center, she takes her whole family here. I now have no more leg pain and more energy. Getting the correct amount of sleep makes your daily life a lot easier. To other people, I would tell them to think outside the box. Don`t always look to drugs to solve your pain, go for natural ways to cure your ailments. The natural cures that Dr. Segreto gives you will boost your body and your soul!" - Susan Barrett, Brick

"My immune system is improved.  I have not developed my usual yearly severe head cold.  I have been able to overcome any flu or sinus infection in one or two days.  Also, I have been able to up my exercise regimen without hurting myself."            -Harry Perdon, Manchester


*The above testimonials are in the patients' own words.  Treatment in this office does not guarantee similar results and chiropractic care is not a substitute for standard medical care.  In cases of emergencies, you are advised to call 911 or seek help from the nearest emergency physician.  This office makes no claims to offer medical treatment for medical conditions.  The above testimonials reflect results gained from conservative chiropractic care, not from the treatment of any disease or medical condition. The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or disease.