neuro emotional technique

Dr. Segreto has used NET with his patients for over 18 years and in 2003 he became the first doctor in New Jersey to become certified in NET.  He is still one of only five doctors statewide to be certified in NET. Dr. Segreto is also a member of the Board of Directors of the O.N.E. Research Foundation, whose mission is to provide scientific research to advance mind-body healthcare. (

NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) is an exciting treatment alternative that is often used when many other methods of treatment have failed. More than ever before, we are understanding just how much stress and emotions affect our physical health. We can do a simple, painless muscle test (also known as kinesiology) to find out if a physical problem has an emotional component involved. If NET is determined to be helpful, then a simple, painless chiropractic adjustment is done to stop the emotion from continuing to cause physical problems.

NET is not a "talk it out" therapy, nor does it take the place of therapy.  Instead, it is a specific, targeted technique that brings physical relief when other treatments have failed. Our patients are amazed at just how effective and how rapidly NET works.

Here`s what some of our patients have to say: (All testimonials are used with permission and the signed originals can be read in their entirety in our office.)*

"Severe and constant debilitating migraines caused to me live in a 'cave'.  I couldn't do anything.  After treating with Dr. Segreto, I am pain free, with no headaches and I feel stronger than ever.  I'm living now.  If I had not received care from Dr. Segreto, I probably would have continued on medication that made me feel worse.  I was not receiving any relief from the "trial and error" approach of taking medication to alleviate my migraines.  Dr. Segreto not only assisted me in getting pain relief, but also made me totally free of any headaches or migraines.  I am very grateful."  - Charlene Cubbage, Montclair, NJ

"I had episodes of sudden, severe stomach pain that send me into the fetal position. After getting N.E.T., the problem is totally gone. The quality of my life is dramatically improved, no more fear of sudden pain. If I didn`t have N.E.T., I would probably have gotten surgery and/or drugs for the pain. I have so much faith in Trinity Health Center and their staff. I bring my children here for their health concerns. This is a place you can trust." -Karen English, Toms River, NJ

"Since I began care I feel more emotionally level, much less anxious, much less likely to try to control things.  Dr. Segreto is a force of nature!  Coming here has been wonderful for my physical and emotional health."  - Victoria Goyins, Willingboro, NJ

"I had severe anxiety / panic attacks.  Living with anxiety isn't living.  I didn't want to leave my home. When I was home, I still felt nervous, uneasy, and under constant threat of another attack about to arrive.  Dr. Frank healed my husband in the past with N.E.T. and spinal decompression.  My husband spoke so highly of Trinity Health Center, he suggested I see Dr. Frank.  Since I started care, there have been major improvements with my anxiety.  I look forward to outings and planning parties.  Another amazing helaing by Dr. Frank was Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  After 18 years of suffering , it is now gone.  I have my life back.  I am more positive, happy, and calm.  No words can describe the feeling of freedom within me.  If not for Dr. Frank, I still would be struggling every day just to get through the day.  I still would be "hiding" in my home, afraid, not living at all.  There are no words to describe the feeling of freedom within youreself.  Dr. Frank will not disappoint you.  Relief is at Trinity Health Center."                 -Lisa Russo, Bayville, NJ

“In June, 2000 I had lower back surgery due to three herniated disks. Two months later I was diagnosed with two herniated disks in my neck. The pain was unbearable, especially in my shoulders. I tried prescription drugs, physical therapy, and traditional chiropractic, all with no relief. Finally, after 7 months of excruciating pain and being at my wit’s end, it was recommended that I try NET. Although I was apprehensive because I was unfamiliar with this type of treatment, I was willing to try anything. After one visit to Dr. Segreto I felt immediate relief in my shoulders. It has been a life-altering experience and I am truly grateful for all the help I have received. I am so amazed, that I continue to receive treatments because I believe in its ability to continue to make positive impacts on my health and life. - Jill Nagle, Sea Isle City, NJ

"Before I came to see Dr. Segreto, the pain that I used to feel was excrutiating in my back in neck. Since I`ve had NET, I have no pain at all." -JoAnn D`Anton, Toms River, NJ

"I feel better, I have more energy, and all of the old aches and pains don`t exist anymore. What`s even better is that every aspect of my life has improved, including relationships with my family and friends. Nothing else that I have done for my health compares with NET. I stand taller, I talk clearer, and I walk with a purpose. NET has had a profound effect on my life." -Carol Ciallella, Beachwood, NJ

"N.E.T. has changed my life...Given my life back is more like it! The chronic pain in my back is gone. Dr. Segreto is amazing, a gift to all who know him. He is always learning new things to help us have the kind of life we deserve. Go see him today. Thank-you Dr. Segreto for who you are and what you do!" - Jill Salicos, Whiting , NJ

"My original problem was fatigue and lack of energy.  I was falling asleep at my desk when I worked, it was difficult to accomplish daily tasks.  One year ago I walked from Penn Station in NYC to East 23rd Street.  I had to stop to rest along the way. Today, I work out every other day with 100 pound weights, walk a mile every day, get in a 9-hole game of golf regularly and accomplish my daily chores with no need to take a nap in between.  At 77 years of age, I think that's testimony to the positive results of NET." - Harry Perdon, Manchester, NJ

"I tell people all the time about Trinity Health Center and I try to explain that the `unconventional` treatments of N.E.T. are so worth the attempt - at the very least! I tell them that I relate to what they feel and ultimately show them that I am a fantastic example of how successful the treatments are."
-Karen Kachelriess, Manchester, NJ

If you would like to learn more about NET, call our office today and we would be happy to send you a free video explaining how NET works. Call us today at 732-270-6222. You can also learn more about NET at Don`t suffer any longer. NET may be the answer for you.

*The above testimonials are in the patients' own words.  Treatment in this office does not guarantee similar results and chiropractic care is not a substitute for standard medical care.  In cases of emergencies, you are advised to call 911 or seek help from the nearest emergency physician.  This office makes no claims to offer medical treatment for medical conditions.  The above testimonials reflect results gained from conservative chiropractic care, not from the treatment of any disease or medical condition.  The inforrmation on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any condition or disease.